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Children’s Dentistry

The whole family will look forward to visiting Brick Row Dentistry! We welcome smiles from age one to 101, and our children’s dentistry services are gentle, friendly, and personalized to each unique little smile we serve. People of all ages benefit from preventive dental care, and we recommend you begin your child’s twice-annual visits around his or her first birthday.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

When you bring your little one for his very first appointment at Brick Row Dentistry, Dr. Nguyen will carefully assess how his smile is developing. We can also discuss proper dental hygiene techniques, like how often to brush your child’s teeth, when to floss, and special concerns like protecting your little one’s smile from baby bottle tooth decay. Your child should be brushing with toothpaste as soon as he is old enough to spit, and flossing should begin when he has at least two teeth that touch each other.

By the time your child is three years old, we will begin cleaning and polishing his teeth during each preventive visit. Dr. Nguyen will look out for cavities and asses the health of your child’s gums, too. While periodontal disease is uncommon in children, gum infections do occasionally occur. If a problem like decay or infection is present, we will put together a plan to bring your child’s smile back to its good health as soon as possible.

Considerations for Older Children

By the time your little one is six or so, his smile is especially vulnerable to cavities. Soft tooth enamel, shaky dental hygiene techniques, and a love of all things sweet combine and increase your child’s risk of developing tooth decay. Fortunately, Dr. Nguyen provides dental sealants and fluoride treatments to protect little teeth against cavities.

Dental sealants are applied in one efficient, painless treatment, and they can provide years of cavity prevention. They are thin coverings that are painted directly onto the chewing surface of the back teeth. Here, pits and fissures make it easy for food particles and bacteria to build up and cause decay -- but dental sealants shield out harmful particles for healthier smiles.

The mineral fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, or the hard, outermost layer of your teeth. A quick application helps enamel provide a stronger defense against the acids that cause cavities. Dr. Nguyen will assess your child’s need for fluoride and recommend a fluoride treatment following the checkup and cleaning.

Dr. Nguyen will also keep an eye out for any orthodontic concerns that may affect the development of your child’s smile. Early interceptive orthodontics can reduce the length of future orthodontic treatment, or completely eliminate the need for braces later on. If your child’s dentist has cause for concern, we can provide a referral for an excellent local orthodontist.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

When was your little one’s last visit to the dentist? He depends on you for so much -- and keeping his smile healthy is no different. Contact Brick Row Dentistry to schedule an appointment for your child today! You can also request an appointment online.